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Complete administration of your account from opening to making payments and FX conversions all online.


Fast and efficient

With SEPA Instant you can make EURO transfers that are recieved by the recipients in seconds.

Alacsony költségek

Low fees

Favourable transaction fees.

Kedvezőbb árfolyamok

Favourable transaction fees

Favourable FX conversion rates in comparison to Banks.

Nincs tranzakciós illeték

No transaction tax

Hunagarian clients are not charged transaction tax on their transfers.

Az idő pénz

Time is Money

Account Management

Opening a Financial/transaction Account is usually a hassle, and it takes longer than you counted on. Our goal is make the Account opening procedure hassle-free so in a few mintes you can open an account sitting in your home or in your favourite Coffeshop. You just need the internet. 

With the help of the Mobile APP you can in a few minutes register online with your Customer ID and open a personal or corporate account. Once the account is funded you can do payments and FX conversions and transactions on the APP or on the online banking platform.

Account Opening

As a licenced Payment Institution we don't just open accounts fast, but we offer you Instant Payment services in EURO with low transaction costs and no transaction tax on your EURO payments domestic or International. We also offer favourable FX conversions. Our licence allows us to offer our services throughout the EU.

Account Opening
Küldj és fogadj átutalásokat akár itthon,  akár külföldön másodperceken belül

Send and Accept transfers from home or abroad in seconds!

Send and Accept transfers from home or abroad in seconds!

Your EURO transfers from AlphaPay can be executed instantly (SEPA INSTANT) 24 hours a day 7 days a week. An advantage for customers who live in countries that impose a transaction tax on payments we do not impose any tax.

In SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) the participants are required to credit the full amount of the transfer to the recepient without deductions. All clients whether sender or reciever are charged fees by their own financial institution. At AlphaPay the SEPA Instant Limit is set at 100,000 EURO. Above that amount the client will have to use the standard SEPA.

Some banks don't provide SEPA Instant Payments so by using us you can gain an advantage in your business dealings.

Useful Information

For international payments you are possibly required to provide SWIFT (BIC) code and also the IBAN. 

AlphaPay SWIFT (BIC) code: UANOLT22XXX

 AlphaPay internal transfer

AlphaPay internal transfer

 Internal transfers between AlphaPay accounts can be executed instantly with low fees. So if you have a commercial relationship with someone get them to open an account with us so you can transact easily, faster and more cost effectively.

AlphaPay transfer to own accounts

AlphaPay transfer to own accounts

 Internal transfers to your own AlphaPay accounts are executed instantly.

Transfer Money by using a telephone number

Transfer Money by using a telephone number

 With our application you can register your partners phone numbers and do payments using that.

Great FX rates and low spreads for fast and efficient FX execution

Great FX rates and low spreads for fast and efficient FX execution

FX Conversion

With AlphaPay discounted FX rates and easy to use application you are in step with International currencies and transactions. 

On Online banking our FX conversion is instant, for the exact FX rate please log into the online banking platform.