Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Banking from anywhere at anytime

In this financial world we don't want to be restricted by time or location to do our financial transactions. This is why we offer the AlphaPay Mobile APP and the online banking platform so that you can do your transactions anytime and anyplace. (with an Internet connection of course)  

Through the Mobil APP you can register online and get your private or corporate account in minutes! Once the account is open you can make and receive payments and also do FX conversions on your APP and also the Online Banking Platform.

Simply Relaxing

Simply Relaxing

Mobile APP

In this modern world you don't need to go to a Bank branch when you have the AlphaPay APP downloaded onto your SmartPhone. You can open accounts, receive and initiate payments and do FX transactions from anyplace in the world!

You can download the AlphaPay APP from Apple Store or Google Play and register in minutes.

Once registered you can open both personal or corporate accounts and accept and make payments from anywhere.

After your account is opened you can do FX conversions with the AlphaPay APP or our Online Platform.

Google Play
Do your Financial transactions with ease online

Do your Financial transactions with ease online

Online banking

From anywhere in the world using either the AlphaPay APP on your smartphone or the Online Application on your computer you can make and recieve payments and do FX conversions.


Online account features


For corporate clients that have gone through the AlphaPay APP to identify themselves they can go to the next step to open corporate accounts by uploading the required information on the Online Account Application on which you can access on your PC or Laptop. The required documents are listed on the DOCUMENTS Menu.

You can also do your payments and FX conversions on the Online portal.

In addtion you can view statements/history and other information through the online portal.